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Data Recovery

data recovery by Authentec International  - for tape - RAID and disk data recovery - data recovery specialists of damaged, failed or harmed media and disks. Authentec guarantee to return to you all readable data.
tape Tape - Damaged tape drives, fire, flood and magnets all pose a significant risk to backup tapes. Authentec have significant experience with all media types, operating systems and backup software.
raid RAID - Unlike most other companies, Authentec are able to quickly and efficiently recover the maximum amount of data from RAID and disk arrays.
disk disc Disk - With software and hardware tools developed in-house and with the major disk manufacturers, Authentec are able to offer an unrivaled service.

Data Recovery from damaged, failed or harmed media is serious business. Your data is important to you, and Authentec International guarantee to return all recoverable data from any media. Specialising in timely recovery from internal hard disks, external hard disks, tape media and RAID arrays using our own in-house software and specialist techniques, Authentec are the obvious choice.

Discover more about Authentec, proven methods and data-loss prevention by browsing this section.

In the field of computer evidence, also known as computer forensics, Authentec is the main supplier of systems and services to many government agencies in Europe and North America. 


We also have more detailed information on specific Case studies for Tape, RAID array, disk and virus damage.


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